Sunday, January 29, 2006

A Couple of Brave New Heroes

He pulled himself from the flickering screen of talking lights and told us of a mission he had planned. No one was very interested, but he wasn't surprised and declared he would go it alone. So off he ventured into the wicked tundra. Later we would say that we told him not to go, but of course we didn't. We just watched him leave then turned the television back on. They said he was a brave soul, but no one ever would have guessed it from knowing him.
The rumors sprouted across every county like kudzu that he was coming back. I never believed it. Neither did Reginald. There was a party at the town hall to celebrate his return, which they heard second or third or hundredth-hand was to occur. They waited all night and only a cat showed up. They chased it off and had a party to celebrate their success. They forgot all about the lost boy. Now every year they have a party commemorating the Chasing of the Cat.
I think the boy is frozen in the arctic somewhere. Still alive, but unable to move. He just sits there watching the air get colder and colder, watching his limbs crack off. No, that's too terrible. I sort of liked him. Not as much as the others, but I didn't hate him. One of the boys, Alec, went out to find him. He went alone and we all sent our warmest wishes. Semolina is worried and all she does is sit in the backyard. She won't come to the parties. We had one to bring Alec back, but he didn't show. Now I guess they are both motionless in the snow. At least they aren't alone. The man in the back says, "Never worry 'bout no one else in the winter time." He's a leftover.

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Jim Duong said...

Very silly, yet somehow good at the same time.