Sunday, August 20, 2006

Glorious Sammy

...who, ideally, would star in a graphic novel/illustrated book entitled something like "Glorious Sammy Takes On a Perilous and Riveting Adventure of Great Symbolic Value and Meaning". In which he would encounter friends Follyfed Lucian and Millie Entirely, and challenge the previously undisputed social tyrant, Roustabout Ollie. It would also feature humanistic observations of startling poignancy, as well as a touch of indulgent romance.With perhaps a smattering of unprovoked violence to round things out.
Subsequent titles would include:
"Glorious Sammy Chastises the World"
"Glorious Sammy and the Era of Misfortune"
"Glorious Sammy and Conrad Cradleboard Make Amends"
"Glorious Sammy Lacks an Acceptable Conclusion"


Jim Duong said...

Well I'll say they're better than stories of girls with divorced parents, that's for sure.

Jim Duong said...

I guess I should give you real feedback. I like the character and the plots you can throw him in. He is humanistic enough to connect with, but he is still a . . . something else. Being something else, you can throw him in any boring old mundane humanistic ritual and instantly make it awkward. You have a lot to work with so I suggest you write a lot of ridiculous material.

I am also tired of typing gibberish just to comment.

michelle said...

Unfortunely the most likely title is probably "Glorious Sammy and the Stories I'm Not Going to Write". I have a bad habit of coming up with characters and stuff and never actually doing anything with them. I need to work on that...
Thanks for the comments!!!!!!

Evan said...

Michelle, you rock an unnecessary ammount for just one little girl. you make me want to draw again. and be sick. i suggest you should write that story, but i can totally understand how it just wouldn't happen. maybe just work on it for a little at a time??? i don't know wehat to tell you. besides that you are good drawer person and i think you're neat-o!! <3<3

The Lighthouse Captain said...

so...I finally remembered my blogger name that I started in...apparently APRIL. Man, I suck.

Anyway...nice work. I love the texture in the colored Glorious Sammy. The only thing it's missing is all the life that bubbles over in your sketches. They're my favorite. I'd like to see some of those lines make their way into the finished piece.

But that's just me and I don't really know jack.

I'm feeling another drink and draw. Or just draw.

michelle said...

First of all thank you Shane and Evan for your comments!

Shane- Yeah, I never like my finished pieces as much as the sketches... I wonder if its an issue of medium, or general approach? I dunno. I am still not as comfortable with painting as with drawing, I believe.

And drink-n-draw sounds mighty fine... we should do it at your parents house, it would probably go something like: drink, draw, trampoline, drink, trampoline, drink, puke, hospital.

Joel Priddy said...

Michelle, read Jorge Luis Borges. He had too many ideas for books, and not enough time to actually write them, so he'd write short pieces about the books he'd liked to have written, often in the form of a review. It's surprisingly effective.

Your post about the possible literary lifespan of Glorious Sammy is pretty danged interesting. If you aren't up to dedicating years of your life to executing those ideas, how about drawing three pages about the Sammy opus?