Sunday, August 26, 2007

An island and a book

"Horn Island Harpy At Meal Time"

This is one of my pieces for the Horn Island show, and it has three siblings. If you happen to be in the neighborhood of the Memphis College of Art on September 8, between 6:00- 8:30, swing on by the opening reception and check em out.

Also, the children's book I illustrated is currently on sale over at


Michael J. Hildebrand said...

I tried to sneak a peak with Jon and see the Island show early... but the darned MCA guards foiled our brilliant plan (we stopped in while we were on a run, and the henchman said no, politely) :D

Anyway, I miss my Michelle. I need a dose of you this week. Let me know if you want to eat food soon.

(GREAT looking pieces, by the way. I love Jessica's Octopus as well.)

Joel Priddy said...

Congrats, Michele! I can't wait to check out a copy!

Now that you're a published children's book artist, start hitting the kiddie publishers hard. I think I've got some addresses and whatnot. Swing by the office if'n yer innerested.

Jim Duong said...

Holy shit!