Saturday, November 24, 2007

Charcoal gator man!

I decided to try something different and do the drawing with charcoal rather than ink on this one. I am undecided as to how I feel about that. So, friends... good, bad or indifferent?

And another of these things (in ink). Kind of a furthering of the conflict depicted here.
That black border was perhaps a poor choice, now that I look at it. Should have been walnut. I guess I ought to pay attention when I make things.


Shobo C said...

It's a bit hard to say since I don't think the difference between the charcoal and the ink really comes across in a jpeg, though I imagine the differences between the two are far more apparent in the flesh.

What I can see though is that the inks are crisper, especially when you do those high detail portions of the image. I think I kinda prefer that but I think the big question is what you think of the charcoal. Do you think there are places you can push the charcoal that you can't push the inks or is it just a substitute?

The pixter pod said...

BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL!!! (as usual) I have your book. Shobo got it for me for my birthday. I love it!

michelle said...

Shobo- (even though I knew you at school as Chris, I'm going to call you Shobo now since everyone else does and it is a much more awesome name anyway :)
I wanted to try out the charcoal to maybe get a looser feel to the thing and some different textures, but I ended up using it the same way as the ink so it just looks fuzzy. I wasn't using its charcoal-ness to the fullest advantage. It's just as well though, working with it was reeeaally annoying. Ink doesn't smudge. Or need to be sharpened constantly.

Hi Erica! Thanks!

knock on wood said...

I think it's gorgeous