Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Horn Island

"Mishap of a Careless Bird"
"Daybreak on the Dunes"
"Island Plague"

These are what I've done for the Horn Island show so far. I'm putting frames around them now, you can see that more clearly in the picture below.

Also, off the topic, I cut these guys out of some scrap paper and put them on my kitchen wall.


Shobo said...

I turn my back for a minute and there's a windfall. I quite like these, specially the mosquito. However I think my new favorite pieces you've ever done are those sketchbook pieces posted below. There's a distinct P. Craig Russel vibe going on that I'm quite jealous of. So very pretty.

Hey, would you email me your email address? I don't think I have it, mine's shoboc[at]gmail.com

michelle said...

The mosquito seems to be everyone's favorite thus far. Thanks for the comment about the sketchbook pages, I'm trying to figure out what I should do with them to bring them to "finish". Maybe they need color, perhaps just gray scale tone? I dunno.

ericHUBER said...

and then i found these. dang girl...

Sally B said...

Did you say you were opening an etsy store?

Anonymous said...
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