Saturday, November 14, 2009

Plaquin' it up

Another lonely little plaque looking for a home. You can adopt it at my shop.
Oh and what's this? Why its a second feature on AJRMS! (Thanks again, Will!)

Also, perhaps you will notice I finally made a header for the blog. Only took me about three years to get around to that.


Shobo said...

Cool stuff Michelle. I have a favorite plaque myself, and have my fingers crossed it goes unsold for just a wee bit :)

piatenko said...

great style. congrats

michelle said...

Thanks Shobo and piatenko!

Fritz Bogott said...

That header is grand! Excellent choice of hat!

michelle said...

Thanks Fritz!
I wish I had such a hat, that was tiny with a huge feather and floated ever so slightly above my head.