Saturday, March 27, 2010

Art show tonight!

I have some work in a show at Nashville's Studio 83 and the opening is tonight. The show, titled "5 Themes 15 Artists" features 15 individual artists each contributing 5 pieces based on a set of themes. You can read an article about it here.
*EDIT* here is another write up of what turned out to be a super fun show!

(click images to enlarge)

Dorothy and Co. Encounter Manyface Skyfish, the Fickle Purveyor of Lots
theme: "further down the yellow brick road"

Snow White and Seven Natural Poisons
theme: "Snow White and the seven..."

Willy Wonka's Garden Shop
theme: "Failed business attempts by Willy Wonka"


Jason Kirk said...

"Snow White and the Seven Natural Poisons" was one of my favorites in the Snow White themed set. Thanks for sharing your work with our neighborhood!

michelle said...

Thanks for coming out to the show, Jason! I had a lot of fun and I hope to be doing more with the East Nashville art scene in the future, seems like a supportive community with a great vibe.

Jason Lieder said...

Dopeness!! I love the top three.