Sunday, May 23, 2010

Transatlantic pelican

Recent personal commission, watercolor and ink.
"Harper O'Dandy the seafaring mouse journeys home via transatlantic pelican"


Fritz Bogott said...


Shobo said...

Great clouds, lovely markings on the curled tentacle and that rock, and the mermaid is sublime.

I really like your "fellow in a bucket at sea" images. I remember you did a plaque with someone in a bucket a while back. There's something... adventuresome, about them.

michelle said...

Hey Fritz, glad you are happy with it! It was fun to do :)

Shobo- haha, I didn't realize sea buckets had become a theme with me, but now that you mention it I want to draw a whole series. I love the idea of a character braving the tumultuous ocean waters in a vessel little bigger than himself, very ripe for narrative possibilities. Hm.
The mermaid is probably my favorite single element in that picture and I don't even know why, ha

Fritz Bogott said...

Sunbird + solar flare + fellow in a space bucket!