Sunday, February 20, 2011

Housing Project 45-51

One house every day for a year!

#45- From the ale house, #46-To the jail house

#47- Discount Valentine house

#48- Welcome back house

#49- Danger house!

#50- Hermit house

#51- Pop-up house

But wait, there's more! Just click the "houses" label.



Hey Michelle,

I just saw a link for your blog on EFII. It's a great project! It is great how you let go of that "everything i show to people has to be perfect" attitude and just create. I love your houses! Keep up the good work!

michelle said...

Hi Veronika, thanks! I'm having fun with it. The obligation to do one every day is actually sort of freeing, especially in that "doesn't have to be perfect" way. My goal is to keep it fun and interesting, play and experiment a lot, and try not to repeat myself too much.

Jason Lieder said...

Nice, I love the pop up house. Great stuff Michelle.