Sunday, July 31, 2011

Housing Project 206-212 and another GIVEAWAY!

Making 365 houses in 365 days

#206- Tree house hideaway

#207- Storybook house no.1
I just discovered a style of architecture known as Storybook, and it is adorable.

#208- Storybook house no.2

#209- Heart of the Storybook house

#210- Astrological Houses.
I'm working on a series of Zodiac pieces, more on that later.

#211- Shedding the old house.
I caught this cicada in the midst of molting on my back steps the other night.

#212- House inspector

To celebrate making it to my 200th house, I'm giving stuff away again!

Up for grabs this time are these two lovely little necklaces. They are both originals done with ink and stain on 1.5" diameter wood discs, hanging from a 22" inch antiqued copper ball chain.
To enter, all you have to do is go to my Facebook fan page and "like" one of the posts labeled "July Giveaway". Super easy! Entries will be closed after midnight (Central time) Sunday August 7, and the winner randomly selected.
Thanks everybody!


Shobo said...

I'm really digging this new look you've got going on. It's hard to explain why, but it looks looser and more natural. The environments are great and I really like what you're doing with color.

Are these physical or digital?

P.S. Cool link :)

michelle said...

Thanks! "Looser and more natural" is something I've been trying to achieve lately, so that's good to hear.
They are physical ink drawings that I scan and color in Photoshop. I've been getting more interested in digital painting and I bought a tablet (finally) which should be arriving in the mail soon, hopefully playing around with that will lead to some good stuff.

kim23 said...

I'm a huge fan of these storybook houses! You're right, Michelle! This style of architecture is so adorable and fantastic! Last month, I visited a real storybook home, namely 'The Witch's House' from Beverly Hills. It really looks like the house of Hansel and Gretel. I heard that the owner Michael Libow lives there. He is a lucky guy!:)

michelle said...

Kim23- That's great, I'd love to visit one in person! I'm so envious of the man you mentioned, that house is awesome.