Tuesday, November 08, 2011

A Tale of Two Cities

 I have some paintings on display this month at Clarksville's Roxy Regional Theatre. There is a gallery attached which features art shows related to the play running at the time. I was asked to create some pieces to accompany a stage adaptation of A Tale of Two Cities.
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"Power in Numbers"
Rather than strictly illustrating scenes from the story, I decided to play around with some of the  themes and motifs. Here (below) I was thinking of the frequent use of contrast and doubles. I'm using rats as a symbol for the peasantry in part because they are often thought of as filthy vermin, but are really very intelligent and adaptable animals. A friend of mine once had a pet rat, it was adorable. Also, they fit well with a portrayal of "the masses". You may not think much of a rat, until you see that they are everywhere.

"We had everything before us"
"We had nothing before us"

Here I was thinking about the way Dickens portrays the Revolution, with each side capable of innocence and atrocity. There is no strict dualism, though the opposing parties may perceive it as such.
"Each the Other 1"
"Each the Other 2"

Here I was mostly thinking of drawing some frilly clothes.
"Best and Worst of Times"
Don't let the door behead you on the way out.

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Misterlanious said...

Freaking amazing. You are so gifted. Keep up the wonder.