Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New work and a show

I'll be having a solo show at The Levy Gallery of the Buckman Performing Arts Center and the opening is this Friday, September 14.  I made 6 new pieces for the show, and they will be displayed along with a whole mess of older work (all of them wood paintings).
Here's the new ones:

The Firebird

Among the Cypress


Never Had Everything, but Always Had Something

We Were So Small


something-vague said...

ohhh, i haven't commented here in a while..

all these new pieces are excellent as always. and i love the firebird picture. one of my favourite stories, despite it's dubious morals.. i have an old copy of ivan bilibin's illustrated story.

i hope the show goes well! i wish i could visit.. i'd love to see these all for real.
(i have your pied piper hanging in my hallway and stand in front of it often, counting the snakes!)

Kim said...

These are fantastic!

michelle said...


something-vague- I like Bilbin's work quite a lot. Glad to hear you are enjoying the painting!