Sunday, July 30, 2006

I would like to us text more often in my pieces, but
1) My lettering skills are awful
2) Pithiness and wit are not things I do well.

But anyhow, here is a thing I did the other day.

The imagery and text here is taken directly from a doodled list I had made in my notes during an art history class some time ago, and since have forgotten the meaning of.


Joel Priddy said...

Great lettering inspiration/ intimidation:

And, Michele, you are as pithy as a frog with a needle in the back of his neck. Let it flow!

michelle said...

That artist you recommended is really great... lovely & hilarious.

Also, thanks for the delightfully obscure simile which I am going to assume was intended as a compliment :)

Joel Priddy said...

Certainly, it's a compliment. Well, not for the frog, maybe. Say, does your residency start soon? You wanna meet and talk about what you'll be working on?

michelle said...

Just in case you don't get the email for whatever reason, I'll go ahead and respond here-
Yes, meeting would be great, just let me know when would be a good time for you....thanks!