Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The voyager returns

What did I learn from the class I took while I was away? That I can draw fairly well but I can't paint worth crap. So I'm attempting to work on that. I also learned that painting landscapes is ridiculously irritating, even if said landscapes are in Italy. I think I just haven't been able to figure out a method of working which enables me to enjoy that sort of thing. So, yeah, while in Italy I drew and painted a lot of really awful crap which will not be seen by anyone. But I did have a really great time there, and I saw an exhibit of super awesome medieval icons at the Accademia. As well as obscene amounts of other great art.

Anyway, as I said, I am trying to work on my painting skills- here is a little practice piece I did the other day. (my scanner is terrible, sorry)


Anonymous said...

I like her; she is like this cross between a Degas painting and a fiery pixy.

michelle said...

Ha, yeah, I see that :)