Sunday, January 18, 2009

"Solemn princess Isadora carried aloft by the amorous dragon". Acrylic on masonite, 11"x10"

I haven't done any personal work in color in so long, I kinda missed it. So there you go. Perhaps I'll set the wood aside for a bit. You can't tell in the scan, but the gold border is done in a metallic paint. We all like shiny things don't we?


Shobo Coker said...

That's really pretty, great color choices too, I dig the fiery red of the horse-a-dactyl.

michelle said...

Why thank ya kindly, Mr. Coker

Lighthouse Pilot said...

You know what I miss, Michelle. I miss illustration class with all of you guys! I miss the working, critiquing, and occassionally hanging out. We should have a "MCA golden age of illustration" reunion.
This is great. It's awesome to see you found a little time for some personal work. I actually, found time the other night to start a non-work non-teaching non-gift related painting. I hope to get back to it tonight.
So...seriously. We should hang out soon. My birthday's coming back around, but it'd be awesome to do something before then.

Keep up the awesome work.

and because it seems to be the hip thing to do I'm going to jump on the bandwagon and let you guys know my word verification is "rewele".

michelle said...

Aww, I too miss seeing your smiling, work-weary face. And everyone else's as well, our group was pretty awesome after all. Ah, thems was tha days. If we all got back together it would have to be required that no one sleep the night before, to properly recreate the feeling. Aw damn, it could be an all-night drink n' draw slumber party. I've also been wanting to go back to that catfish buffet out in the country. Hmm.
Btw, I'm a terrible person and forgot when your birthday is. Mine's coming up too, Feb. 23.
You must be dead tired doing both your jobs, any kind of personal work being produced would be nothing short of miraculous, I would think. Cheers to you, sir!

Shobo Coker said...

I quit my job today - weee!! Shane (I think) knows this was coming.

And what a coincidence, my birthday's on February 2nd! Shane, I want to say yours is... January sometime... right?

I'm not a big drinker but getting plastered with a fews sounds like fun, shame I'm a couple of thousand miles away.

michelle said...

I envy you for quitting (though I don't really know anything about the situation), oh how I wish I didn't have to have a day job.*insert wistful sigh*

Happy early birthday! I shall raise a trans-continental toast to you on the 2nd.

BTW you and Evan are scoundrels for moving away. Our illustration reunion would be sorely incomplete. But at least you both still blog, I should give you some bit of credit for that.

Lighthouse Pilot said...

There are days when I am dead tired, but those are fewer and farther between as of late. My face is much less work-weary these days. I actually get some sleep once in a while. You'd hardly recognize me. We do need to have an all-night drink and draw sometime soon. That. Would. Rock. We could always get a little web cam action going for Evan and Shobo.

That catfish buffet was cool. We should do it again. I decree it. I'm not sure if that's actually how you spell decree.

My birthday is March 13. I'll be the big three two this year. February 23. Seems just right for some sort of Michelle's birthday celebration.

see the above paragraph for my correct birthday...but don't feel bad. I'm horrible with birthdays.

And congrats on finially quitting your job!! That's always a good, but scary feeling.