Saturday, March 07, 2009


What free time I've had lately has been monopolized by sleeping and/or staring blankly at walls, so here is some recent sketchbook stuff rather than a finished piece.


Shobo Coker said...

Well slap me silly and call me Sally... Jupiter (aha!... tasteless and horrifically geeky, I apologise).

It's good to see some new stuff Michelle. I also have been doing a lot of strategic staring at blank walls, occasionally allowing a vacuous expression to subtly play across my face, all the while permitting the thinnest gossamer strands of drool to seep from my slack jaw.

I really like the snake thing one winding through the houses. They're all really nice though, even if the one with the fella getting shot through the brainpan is a little morbid and creepyfing.

michelle said...

Creepy? But there's kitties in it, kitties make everything better. I tell ya, the formula for world peace is simply to airdrop fuzzy scottish fold kitties into war zones. Actually that could be end up being kinda gross unless they had little kitty parachutes er somthin. Para-CUTES ahhhahhha. Sorry, I'm a dork too.

Shobo Coker said...

Yes Michelle, excellent joke there. Did you just add the last one recently, the one with the female goat? I didn't notice it last time, it's really nice.

Knee-mann said...

Very nice sketchings little lady, I should be doing that. Maybe tomorrow.
The Goat is rather nice. You've been doing alot of Goat-watching, I can tell.

michelle said...

Jessica! I should also be doing more of that! And I don't mean goat-watching, I've had my fill.