Friday, August 14, 2009

The end of the island

"Could've Been Anything"

The very last painting for the Horn Island show! Dropped my work off today, the opening reception is going to be Sept. 12, 6-9 pm.
For anyone out there who may not know what I am talking about when I say "Horn Island", well every year there is a group from the Memphis College of Art that goes to this place, and camps for eight days, wallowing in the majesty of nature and mosquitoes. Then we come back and make art about it for a show at the school. This year was the 25th.
Review in the Commercial Appeal

I was trying something a little different in this one, threw in some hatching and whatnot. So how do we feel about this as opposed to the usual flat outlines?


Shobo said...

I quite like this new approach you're taking to the way you render. Love the texture and the feel of the birds, bark, the rope, and the delicateness of the fish/prawn/crayfish/women/men.

michelle said...

Why, thanks! I wasn't sure how I liked it at first, I think I'll continue playing around with this approach though.