Friday, August 14, 2009

Odessa show and workshop

The show at Odessa last week was fun, the show looked great and the response to my work was very positive, which is always nice. So here's a bunch of pictures. (click to make bigger!)

*EDIT* Check out this Commercial Appeal article about the show!

My stuff along the wall, Shane's in the corner

The circular ones are some embroideries I did a while back

Medallions, also from a while back. I like the way they look in this arrangement.

Paintings by Jon Hart on the left, installation by Emma Self in the middle, my medallions to the right

Me n' ma stuffs

Jon and Emma setting up their workshop stations on Saturday

Michael gettin' his sew on at my demo

Here is the bag I was teaching folks how to make, complete with an in-process embroidery and cat hair

And here is a little instruction sheet I made to pass out. Any one who wants to make an easy tote bag, just print out this image and follow the directions! Hopefully they are easy to understand, leave a comment if you have any questions!


Shobo said...

That's both cool and adorable.

By the way, real men don't read instructions, you need to find a way to translate them into beer.

michelle said...

If I had that power I seriously doubt i would have made it through school. "Sorry professor, I could not complete your assignment because everything you told me to do turned into beer."