Sunday, October 18, 2009

24-hour comic (sort of)

Did this as part of the 24-hour comic challenge earlier in the month. I say "sort of" because I only hung in there for about 16 hours and drew 12 pages. Also did most of the inking later at home. So, yeah, doesn't really count. I enjoyed doing it, though, especially since I haven't done anything with comics since college.
As for the comic, I was mostly just having fun introducing the characters.
(click to make bigger!)


Shobo said...

Great stuff Michelle, I was laughing silently to myself the whole way through. I LOVED the raucous audience too.

I miss 24 hour comic book days :(

Evan said...

maaaaawww.... this is nice. I wish i could have been there. this makes me miss the comics class with you and Jim. Also makes me miss doing comics. Maybe I'll try to do some one day...

maybe i'll try to orchestrate my own sad, late version of a 24 hour comic session.

p.s. my verification word is HAGGRAH! i like that name!

Evan said...

p.p.s. now it's ANDAMPEA! I like that name, too

michelle said...

Thanks guys!
Being at the school all night drawing comics was indeed very nostalgic. Evan, you should do comics again, yours were so funny. I found your "so full of hate" one recently. Cats for shoes!