Friday, October 02, 2009



Evan said...

Damn, more masterpieces. I'm lucky if i draw 1 thing a week....

Well, as usual your drawings are creepy and beautiful. and it makes me wonder why i struggle with drawing so much. You make it look effortless.

Shobo said...

I concur with Evan, I need to drawr more.

I quite like the first and the third. The first looks (and I hope you don't take offense) like something I'd like to see on Boomerang (the TV channel).

The third one looks like an illustration I'd come across when reading a Famous Five or Secret Seven book as a kid. Except for the bird with the... human head.

Also, where did you get Showboat from? WHO HAVE YOU BEEN TALKING TOO!?

Marie Provence said...

Kittens!!! I think the sight of those kitten studies sort of obliterated any constructive feedback I may have had... that being said, very nice drawings!

michelle said...

Thanks all!

Evan- don't be deceived, these were produced over the course of several months with a lot of crap coming in between them. Its not like I just sit down for an hour or two every night and make a bunch of pictures that turn out exactly how I want them. I still feel like I'm struggling most of the time too. There are a lot of times when I force myself to draw for hours and get nothing out of it worth showing anyone. So YOU just need to keep drawing and don't get discouraged, think of each crap drawing as a step toward getting better.

Shobo(at)- Why ever would I take offense?
The first time I heard what your other name was I was like "Huh? Showboat?" So, uh, my apologies.

Marie- I have that problem all the time. Seeing my kitties do something really cute is like a death ray to whatever productive thought I may have been having at the time.