Sunday, September 27, 2009

stuff and things

Playing around with a slightly different approach using ink and watercolor. This one is about 8" x 8". I've been drawing so much cute stuff lately I thought this little group of senseless grotesqueries would be good for cleansing the palette.

Also, the scrap paper kitchen wall colony continues to grow...


Shobo said...

I think I'd become somewhat used to your unique brand of weirdness (though the actual content was almost always surprising).

This... I don't think I've ever seen from you before. Do you uh... do this often in your sketchbooks? Sort of creepy, especially the band-aid over the goatman's eye.

Marie Provence said...

I love your scrap paper colony! I've also had little paper critters/ things making themselves at home on my wall.

michelle said...

Oh, come now Showboat, it's not that creepy is it? I used to draw this kind of stuff a lot more years ago, and I'd sort of forgotten about it. Lately I've been bored with my usual fare and thought "oh yeah, I haven't drawn any gross pointy people in a while..." So there you go. I promise to draw something darling and precious next.
And yes, I called you Showboat.

Marie- Thanks! It's such a shame to just throw perfectly good little bits of paper in the trash, might as well doodle with them.