Thursday, September 17, 2009

Monster jam and houses

I want to join this band...

These guys were kicking up a ruckus in my little sketchbook and wouldn't let me sleep until I colored them.

Just playing around with it and I thought this looked kinda neat.

Recent painting in acrylic and ink on masonite. Around 16" x 11". Based on this sketchbook page.


Jessica said...

Very different. I love it.

Evan said...

As always, magnificent work, ma'dam. I like how everything is playing an instrument. Well, except for that fish thing on the piano. freeloader.

This looks like it would fit very well in a children's book. It could easily be one of those books that kiddies look at when they're in art school and say "DIS BOOK WHY ME DO ARTZ LOL!"

Shobo said...

I was looking at that second image and wondering why it looked so familiar, then I remember it was from one of your earlier sketches. Cool shingle, clouds and a nice finish on the... snake? Dragon? Tongue? Bendy finger?

I dig the bitty bird playing the... xylophone? I also dig the lad... or lass playing the piano accordion.


michelle said...

Thanks everyone! I'm excited with how this technique is turning out and I want to do a lot more with it.

Evan- I could make some kind of bad joke about how the fish girl is very useful when you need to tuna piano, but I will refrain. These guys may indeed end up starring in a book someday, I am watching their stories unfold as we speak.

Shobo- I apologize that my pictures defy description. The bird is playing a hammered dulcimer.