Friday, September 11, 2009


So here's the image from the previous post after trying my hand at adding some texture. I wonder if it looks better? Or worse? What say you, good people of Blogland?


Marie Provence said...

very nice :)

Shobo said...

Hey, I see I'm just in time to lend a hand! (that was sarcasm).

I think it's cool that you're trying your hand with Photoshop, and I'm jealous that you've been able to do so well so quickly.

I really like the colors and the treatment of the leaves both on the tree and on the plants. I've been trying to get my leaves to look as natural as that but they seem to just end up looking labored.

As far as creating texture goes, I tend to:

1 - Create my own. I'll crumple some paper and spill some coffee or something else on it or something and then leave it to lie for a couple of months (good idea to do this BEFORE you need a texture!)

2 - Take pictures of concrete , moss, find high resolution images of strange things on like nebulae, microbiotic... organisms and stuff.

3 - When you're in a punch. Pinch, I mean PINCH.

I shall end here, cus I'm rambling. I really, like this image though, I want one for my hoose.

Yes, I said hoose.

michelle said...

Thanks Marie and Shobo!

Shobo- I am happy to know it meets with your approval since you specialize in this sort of technique. Thanks for the insight as to how you go about making your textures, I do admire the way you use them in your pieces ever so much.
I've been thinking about trying to get prints made of some of my stuff, so perhaps you could indeed have one for yer hoose. Would you happen to know of a company where I could get decent quality prints for a reasonable price?
And good luck with your grad stuff!

Shobo said...

You know, I don't have a clue where you can do decent quality prints. I kinda just got some good paper and printed using MCA's printers (which used archival ink!) when I was there.

If you do find a good printer I'd be interested in some details myself.