Sunday, January 16, 2011

Housing Project 10-16

Making a house every day for a year, see my previous post here.

#10- Snow house

#11- Snowbound house

#12- Cockroach lean-to house

#13- Fuzzy ink house

#14- coffee house

#15- Salad house

#16- continuous line French Castle courthouse

I'm about to get rather busy for the next few months, so there will probably be a lot more "houses" composed of things like coffee cups with bottle caps stuck to them. It counts if I say it does.


Megan Travis-Carr said...

Michelle, I love these... especially the cockroach lean-to house (even though you're drawings are beautiful as usual, too)!!! :)

Shobo said...

Yup, these are great, put a smile on my face.