Sunday, January 09, 2011

Housing Project 365

(click to enlarge!)

Every time I see an artist doing one of those "make something everyday" projects I think I ought to try that too. Then I get lazy and distracted and kind of forget. The other day I read this article which reminded me and I decided that this might be a good time to actually do it, being a new year and all. I decided on houses as my theme. I plan to post every week (probably Sunday) and hopefully this will help me hold myself accountable so I'll actually do it. All of this was decided yesterday and I did the first eight to catch up. So far I think this is going to be a lot of fun, I'm excited to see where it goes!

(above image) #1- across the street house. I expect this particular one may be showing up a lot.

#2 & 3. These are all done in a little sketchbook.

#4- Fire house, #5- Aftermath house

#6- Paper house

#7- Star house, #8- Storm house

#9- Pixie house

If you guys know any good examples of other people doing 365 projects, leave a link in the comments. Wish me luck!


voice1 said...

donna said...

good luck! i wish i had the stamina to do something like this.

i love what you've done so far, and i really really love that mini tipi.

michelle said...

voice1- thanks for the link, that's a great example.

Donna- thanks! I usually have a bad habit of not finishing projects, I'm hoping that forcing myself to do this might help correct that.
I also love the little grass house, I wish I could shrink myself down and hang out inside it.

MochiPan said...

Ooh I love the starry house #7. It's a wonderful idea and a great subject, I hope it's all going well!