Sunday, April 17, 2011

Housing Project 101-107, and a giveaway!

One house everyday for a year!

#101- Hairfire house ("hair and twigs" as suggested by voice1)

#102- Broken bowl house (as suggested by my clumsy hands)

#103- Bird house (hair and twigs again)

#104- House party

#105- Ant opera house ("opera house" suggested by Christiana)

#106- Haunted house

#107- Spring bouquet house

To celebrate making it to house #100, I'm giving away this mounted print!

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this blog, flickr set, or Facebook fan page saying you want to enter. Also, to make it extra fun, give me a housing assignment! Name a thing/things/concept/theme you want to see me try to make a house out of. For example, this was the result of someone suggesting I try to make a house using a box, popsicle stick, and shoestring. The contest will be open for three weeks, on May 1st I'll randomly select a winner. Have fun!

Also, I'm considering moving the houses to their own blog, and a friend suggested I use Tumblr. I'm really not sure what the difference is between Tumblr and a blog, anyone have any thoughts on that?

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Two Sheds said...

suggestions? shells or cards or orange peels.