Sunday, April 10, 2011

Housing Project 94-100, and a giveaway!

365 houses in 365 days!

#94- Newt house

#95- Spring house

#96- Root house

#97- Root house no.2

#98- High-rise apartment house

#99- Mystery rock formation house

#100- Find your happy place house

To celebrate making it to house #100, I'm giving away this mounted print!

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this blog, flickr set, or Facebook fan page saying you want to enter. Also, to make it extra fun, give me a housing assignment! Name a thing/things/concept/theme you want to see me try to make a house out of. For example, this was the result of someone suggesting I try to make a house using a box, popsicle stick, and shoestring. The contest will be open for three weeks, on May 1st I'll randomly select a winner. Have fun!


Marie Provence said...

I LOVE these. :) I want to enter your giveaway, too. Hmm, a Ton Ton House!

Elliot Boyette said...

I wanna enter!

These are looking way too cool to not give an idea for more.

A pipeworks house! However you wanna interpret that.

voice1 said...

i want to enter! how about a house made of hair and twigs?? . . . . and possibly some kind of strange vegetable. . . .

Biddy said...

These are looking great as always! And I would like to enter. I want to see a warped house. Or a more open to interpetation house: sunny side down house.

-L. said...

Super creative and random! What a challenge - I commend you (and am inspired!)

Hmmm... how about a lamp house?!?!

michelle said...

Thanks for the comments and ideas everybody! :D

Digital Misfit said...

Great project!
I think a house made of ice would be fantastic, if ephemeral.