Sunday, May 01, 2011

Housing Project 115-121, and the giveaway results

365 houses in 365 days

#115- Gonna need a bigger house

#116- Toy theatre house

#117- Beach house ("shells" suggested by two sheds)

#118- Green house

#119- Bar coaster doodle house

#120- Piano house

#121- Itty bitty fairy house

Giveaway winner!
Using a highly scientific process involving folded bits of paper in a hat, I have randomly selected a winner from among all the people who have left comments. The winner is......... Kayla Cline! She must be on a roll lately, she's winning all kinds of stuff.

Thanks to everyone for entering and leaving great suggestions! I intend to get around to making all of them eventually :)


ElfRenee said...

I love #115!

Anonymous said...

Ok "Cat's Night Out"'s a sleezy little joint in the woods off 7th Rd. ... hehe.