Monday, May 30, 2011

Housing Project 136-149

Making a house every day for a year.

As you may have read in my last post, I had to miss the last two Sundays because I was busy roaming around an island. I have returned relatively unscathed, and bearing a bounty of 14 houses.

#136- Gypsy house

#137- Houses of the unfortunate valley

#138- Ocean view house

#139- Island shanty house

For fear of my digital camera ending up permanently crunchy with embedded sand, i only brought along some cheap disposable cameras. I've put little sketches beside most of the island houses to make up for the general crappiness of the photos and help clarify what you are looking at. (click to enlarge)

#140- Tactical hideout house

#141- Flotsam house

#142- Ghost crab house

#143- My house on the island

#144- Sand doodle house

#145- Glass house. A couple of these bottles still had liquid inside, I didn't venture to find out whether it was sea water or rancid liquor.

#146- House formerly known as pelican

#147- Sand castle house

#148- Driftwood tower house

#149- Shelter from the storm house. They have little "oh-no" faces drawn on then because some ominous looking clouds were blowing in at the time.

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