Thursday, September 29, 2011

Houses on hiatus, shows are go

Due to getting really busy with other stuff, I am (sadly) putting the Housing Project on hold for the time being. On one hand, I'm bummed to break the chain since I've been keeping up with it pretty well so far. On the other hand, I'm glad to be busy. Oh well. My thanks to all you folks who were following along every week!

As for what I've been busy with, the coming month is full of art faires/festivals/craft show-things. This Saturday October 1, I'll be at the Cooper-Young Community Farmers Market Artisan Faire. The image above is a new mounted print I'll have available of one of my Horn Island pieces. 
Next week I'll be at LuvMud 2011 with the lovely Nikkila Carroll. The weekend after that, the Arts Pop Up festival. Also, possibly a couple more things happening in November, updates on that later.
In addition to the vendor events, I'm doing some work for a couple of gallery shows (also to be finished before November) among other various and sundry projects. Phew. Why does everything always end up coming at the same time? Certainly not complaining though!

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