Sunday, September 04, 2011

Housing Project 241-247

#241- Jungle house
I happened upon this book at the library, Fantastic Architecture: Personal and Eccentric Visions, and have been taking inspiration from it this week. This first house is from a picture of Las Pozas, a surrealist palace built by a guy named Edward James. I want to go there.

#242- Gargoyle house

#243- Calamity tower house

#244- Fun house

#245- Temple house

#246- Sand house
Based on some amazing sand castles by Pieter Wiersma.

#247- Distribution house


Lighthouse Pilot said...

These new houses are fantastic, Michelle! You're really doing some nice digital work here and the top two are GORGEOUS. Slow clap, Duckworth. Slow clap.

michelle said...

Why, thank you Mr. McDermott. I accept your praise with a slow and gracious bow.