Sunday, September 26, 2010

"Meet Your Maker" show

The showcase of local Etsy sellers I was a part of this weekend, titled "Meet Your Maker", turned out to be a great success! I sold a fair bit, and got to talk with lots of people who were excited about my work. All the other sellers had great looking booths and items, and the food from Goodnight Gracie Specialty Foods was fantastic. The turnout was really good too, had the joint hopping all night. I rarely had a moment to stray from my table because the traffic was so steady!
I didn't manage to take any decent photos, so my special thanks go out to Christine Cook Jones, a seller at the show, for taking the time to beautifully document the event. (all photos in this post, excluding that last one of the pins, by Christine Cook Jones. Click to enlarge!)
Very special thanks also to Papatya Curtis of Bluer than Blue and Melissa Bridgman of Bridgman Pottery for putting the whole thing together!

I started making these pins. They were a popular item at my table and I'm going to be making a lot more for my Etsy shop soon.


Rachel Clements said...

I hope you make some round ones of Rosalina....I need one.

Shobo said...

Whoa! Is that Jim!? Man I haven't seen him in ages, I dig the hair!

Love the pins, very cute.

michelle said...

Rachel- I'll add that to my to-do list!

Shobo- Yes, that thar indeed be a Jim.

I've been working on making some more pins so they should be in the shop soon!