Sunday, October 03, 2010

24-hour comic no.2

I once again attempted the 24-hour comic challenge this year, and got about as far as I did last year. I like how it turned out though, and hopefully I'll get around to finishing it sometime in the near future.
(click for larger view!)

In the last page we see the opossum heading back to his town atop the snake, I haven't decided what should happen when they get there. Maybe he'll ferry everyone back to the kudzu-overgrown churches so they'll have a new place to live. Either that, or the snake will eat all of them. Depends on my mood that day.

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Joel Priddy said...

Hot Dang!

This is incredible!

Kenneth Shofela Coker said...

Great stuff Michelle! T'would be great to see it inked and painted. By the way Oppossum Beelu is a fantastic name for a bluegrass rodent.

michelle said...

Thanks Joel and Shof!

I'm trying to figure out what medium I should use to finish these. I enjoy rendering in graphite, what with its subtle variations in tone and delicate line and all that, but it is, of course, so abominably gray. Charcoal/conte is nice and black, but detail is difficult. I don't want to flatten it out with strong ink contour lines either. So I'm thinking either tedious rendering with a micron, or transfer onto paintable paper and do watercolor or ink wash. Hrm...

Shobo said...

Very cool! I miss 24hr comic day. Looking forward to seeing how you finish these.