Sunday, October 24, 2010

Opossum progress

A page from my "Ramshackle Wilderness" story painted up in watercolors. I've thumbnailed/written the remaining pages of the story, and it looks like it will be 24 pages if I don't change my mind. Drawings shall be done soon-ish and posted accordingly. Whether all 24 pages end up as fully fleshed-out watercolor paintings is yet to be determined. Stay tuned!


Shobo said...

Very cool to see these being taken to completion, I can't wait to see all the pages laid out.

That possum on the left looks like a trouble maker.

something-vague said...

is this going to be a book??!

if so... i'm very excited! i love it.

michelle said...

something-vague- Thanks! I would like to make this into a book eventually, just a self-published little thing I could sell through my Etsy store or something. Hopefully I'll be able to find a few minutes to work on it after the holidays. Any progress will surely be posted on the blog!