Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ramshackle Wilderness: pt. 2

(click to enlarge!)

Sketches for pages 15-18 of the story I started as a 24-hour comic. See the first part here.
So it looks as though Beelu's opossum compatriots are likely to die after all. Or maybe not. In any case, they have been the architects of their own destruction since the beginning, so Beelu cannot really be blamed. This sort of thing was bound to happen eventually.

Any critique so far, dear readers and art buddies? I think I'm going to use ink and watercolor on the finals. I may shoot for 24 pages, we'll see how long it takes before this story decides to wrap itself up.

*Read part 3 (finale)


Shobo said...

Wow, these are even more awesome than the first few pages. I love that it looks kinda like the illustrations on those old wood block puzzles I had when I was a wee little Shobo.

michelle said...

Thanks! I want to see these wood block puzzles... we were wee little people in different parts of the world so I may not be familiar with them. Your mission Shobo, should you choose to accept it, is to find me an image link.

Shobo said...

Right. I spent entirely too much time on this and came up with... not much. The illustrations themselves were very sort of turn of the century old English kids book illustrations, but somewhat more colorful, kind of like this:

What was cool though, was that instead of being bits of paper stuck on cardboard backing, the puzzle pieces were stuck on cut out bits of wood about 1/3rd of an inch thick. I've tried looking around for some examples, but my google-fu isn't strong enough apparently.

The closest I've come is this:

However, the pieces weren't shaped as anchors or animals as in that picture, they just looked like regular puzzle pieces.

Kayla Cline said...

Is it weird that I think the snake looks SUPER CUTE in the second page on the first spread? He looks like he's trying to smile...but just can't. I love these!

michelle said...

Shobo- I commend your efforts, sir. I have a particular fondness for turn of the century/early 20th children's illustration so I suppose that makes sense a gleam of that would show up in my work. I remember having a wooden puzzle thing that was shaped like the USA and all the pieces were the different states. The illustration wasn't very interesting though.

Kayla- Haha, thanks! I'm sure Mr. Snakeguy is glad someone appreciates him, unlike that band of misguided, freeloading opossums.