Monday, November 15, 2010

Southern Culture Show

These are for a show I'm participating in this Saturday-
"Southern Culture Lowbrow Extravaganza Part II" at 1330 Dickerson Pike, Nashville TN; Saturday, November 20 · 6:00pm - 10:00pm. One night only, come on out Nashville folks!

"Once again, visual artists and musicians come together for a night of satirical celebration of all things southern. Artists will share their own unique and comedic relationships visually set against an amazing soundtrack provided by Decatur, Alabama's Barnstormers!

Topics of interest include: Southern food, slang, music, hot rods, southern iconography, stereotypes and everything else that makes the south "The South". Works will be presented in a wide variety of media, including everything from photography, traditional paintings and illustration to sculpture and design. The Southern Satire show is back with more artists, more art and new music!"

My Opossum story was inspired by a few sketches I'd done for these pieces, hence the similarities.

The initial thumbnail skritchy scratchy sketches-

A few more developed little sketches

Plaque with ink, pre-stain

The workspace with inky plaques and sketchy sketches


Shobo said...

Always great to see your development process.

I really digg the Ramshackle town, I think if I were 7 I'd totally want to live there, I mean it's got snakes and rodents wriggling out of the woodwork!

Also, love the look of the were-rodent.

michelle said...

Thanks Shobo :)

Even though I'm not 7 anymore I still want to live in that town.

Anonymous said...

i should remember to chec back here more often.. i love your work.

that third plaque is my favourite.. might it be for sale?

michelle said...

something-vague- Thanks for stopping by! That plaque certainly is for sale, email me at duckworthmichelle(at) if you'd like details.