Monday, May 28, 2007

9 & 10

My goal is to produce at least one of these every week. Next week, however, I will be busy idling about in the sand-strewn wilderness of Horn Island, so here's two.

I don't really like the alligator-baby one, especially that chicken. And the woman's hair. But I thought I'd post it anyway.

Can one be "busy idling"? Hm. I intend to prove it is possible, as I will be working hard at being my idlest next week.


Shobo C said...

Oh you're going to Horn Island? How brave of you... it's supposed to be haunted by the ghost of old man Carruthers y'know.

I think the deer one is still my favorite, I'm looking forward to seeing where this series goes though. You ought to make a slaying at ye olde Bazaar.

Evan said...

How much wood do you have, woman?!?!

p.s. these are awesome. are you just using acrylic and ink on them or is it some other magical technique??

Shobo C said...

"How much wood do you have, woman?!?!"


michelle said...

The only thing Horn Island is haunted by is mosquitos, and I think I might rather have the ghost.
I'm liking the deer a lot too, these two are kinda eh. Baazar-slaying would be pretty sweet.
And yes, teehee indeed

Thanks! Ink and wood stain it be.