Sunday, May 13, 2007


There are many things I somehow managed to not learn during my four years of art school, one of them being coloring with Photoshop. Some of the others include anything to do with Illustrator, and most aspects of painting. Luckily for me, Sir Priddy of the Nimble Brush has so kindly posted a tutorial on computer coloring on his blog. (Thanks!) So here is my attempt at that.


Joel Priddy said...

Good fun, Michelle! I would humbly suggest trying one where you just go crazy with the shadow layer (or layers—you could really treat this like a silkscreen) to bring in more depth to the image, but also even more of that filigree and detail work that you do so well.

michelle said...

Yeah, I just kinda plopped those shadows in for the sake of doing it. I imagine I'll have to play with this a lot more before I can really take advantage of the medium, but I'm just glad that now I know the technical basics of it.