Sunday, May 13, 2007


Discs of wood, each about 4" in diameter. I started doing these this weekend and they are a lot of fun to make. I'm not sure if they are quite "there" yet, though. Any suggestions?


Shobo C said...

Wowsers you've been busy. Looking good though... wow you've been busy. I feel lazy having only picked up drawing again recently. BTW this is Chris...Chris Coker. We had an illustration class together... a few years ago.

Joel Priddy said...


These look great. I hope you keep playing with them, because I think this could be a really nice body of work.

As far as what to push from here: for the most part, I think you'll get a sense of that as you do more of them. My only suggestion would be to think about texture. The wood element adds such a great texture to your drawing, and there may be more to explore there. What if you burnt in the blacks? Or used a really goopey paint (or even tar)? Maybe, in very small, subtle ways, incorporate in some other objects into the surface.

Also, hey! It's crusading video game journalist, Chris Coker!

michelle said...

Hey! Good to hear from you, also nice to see that you've started a blog. Ah, yes, blogs, putting everything I've done in the past year on a single page does create a rather tidy illusion of busy-ness, doesn't it? It's only been recently that I've actually wanted to draw again, it took me about a year to recover from that last semester of school.

Thanks for the input! I will certainly keep textures in mind. Glue sand to it? Though that may be dancing dangerously close to the edge of cheesiness. I'll have to experiment.

Shobo C said...

Michelle, what a coincidence, it took me a year of writing to realise that I DO enjoy drawing, I've missed it so much.

I think the medallions all look great, and as usual with your work there seems to be a story hinted, particularly in the one on top which kind of looks like something out of a Greek myth. (It is isn't it... I'm just being ignorant right?)

michelle said...

Chris, yes to the Greek myth, no to the ignorance. As I was drawing that one I thought, "ha, that would be great for Leda". The only effect that decision had on the picture, however, is that now she is wearing a toga-ish thing.

Michael J. Hildebrand said...

ok... so if we wrestle can I acquire some of your power... or at least some of your... wood.... ? ;)

I love these... simply wonderful.

april said...

wow, these are really incredible. will they be for sale?

michelle said...

Thank you!!!
I plan to make a whole lot of these and probably sell them at the Memphis College of Art Holiday Bazaar. But if someone were particularly interested, I think I could be convinced to part with them sooner.
Thanks for checking out my blog!

michelle said...

If you were to wrestle me I think all that would accomplish would be the crushing of my brittle little bird bones.
And besides, if you added any more to your brimming reservoir of art power, I think you would just explode.

april said...

i would definitely like to own them, but i've no idea what fine art sells for these days :) they're just beautiful, though. when's the holiday bazaar? isn't it around christmas?

michelle said...

And I would be delighted for you to own them!
I don't have much of an idea what fine art sells for either, heh. I guess I should give that some thought....
If you wanted I could come up with some sort of price and get back to you on that? My email is
And yes, the Holiday Bazaar is in like the middle of November I believe.

Lighthouse Pilot said...

All of the really intelligent comments I might make have already been made. sigh. I would venture so far as to say these are by far my favorite pieces from your most recent works. There's a really lovely interaction between the natural texture of the wood and the large areas of flat white and black.

michelle said...

Thanks Shane!
I would have to say that out of my recent stuff, I find these the most interesting to do (except maybe for ridiculous halloween cotumes:)
Anyway, I'm glad other people like them too.