Thursday, May 03, 2007


Practicing with the brush and ink, which I haven't attempted in quite a while.


TheMann said...

Very nice

Lighthouse Pilot said...

lovely. it doesn't look as though it has been a long time since you worked with a brush and ink. 50 points!

Evan said...

Damn it, i hate you!

why do you have to be so good at almost everything?!?!!!

any tips on inking?? i have a fighter for the Fist-a-cuffs blog thingy that i need to ink and i don't really want to use micron pens again. i need to get good at it fast, so any advice would help.

p.s. her face looks similar to Chris Sanders' works. try looking him up. he did the art for Lilo and Stitch

jason said...

michelle your the best. Sue says she misses you. Awesome ink. What is the name of the lady your working with? Does she let you do any of your own work? I always saw that working in someone else's shop became wierd. Way to keep up the constant blog. How many hours are you in the shop each week?